The Sims 4 Patch Delayed, Why?


Alright, alright I know, technically a patch for The Sims 4 wasn’t delayed as the developers never said what day we would be getting a patch for The Sims 4. However; we normally get patches on Thursday’s and well, it’s Saturday and no patch. With GamesCom right around the corner is has gotten members of the community wondering what might be in store at GamesCom. SimGuruDrake did confirm there would be no live streams at GamesCom this year for The Sims 4 but she didn’t say there wouldn’t be any announcements. In fact when I reached out to her about this I didn’t get a reply.

So this leads me to believe EA will announce something new for The Sims 4 Monday but the question is, what? Well some members think it could be Pets, however I disagree. While they might announce Pets at GamesCom as they did with The Sims 3, I feel it’s unlikely as the release would come in November. That means we have a little more than 2 months to wait and at least a month to wait for any news. If you remember back when Get Together was announced the developers basically said hey, this is our next expansion for The Sims 4, there’s partying and that’s all we can tell you for another two months and was then delayed of it’s November release because we felt like it didn’t have enough in it. They couldn’t talk about the awesome features of the pack like clubs, the most important feature of said pack.

A lot of simmers felt let down by this, they thought it was just another EP so your Sims could party and in the end it turned out to be so much more. By them announcing their 4th EP at GamesCom Monday I feel like this will happen again and the SimGuru know this and I’m sure marketing knows this as well.

So if not an EP what else could they announce? The Sims 4 mobile? Well, there is a chance however I don’t feel like they would release it that soon as they just did another soft launch in Spain this last week. The Sims 4 console? No that isn’t supposed to be released until November so this leads me back to the patch. I feel if they are going to announce anything it will be a patch, but why wait until GamesCom? A patch is a patch, nothing special there right? Well, we have gotten some awesome things through patches in the past, like Toddlers early this year.

That was, well HUGE. Most Simmers fully expected them to be a feature that we would have to pay for in some way, whether it be in a GamePack (Parenthood) or via Origin as a DLC pack with nothing else. But they added them in for free so we already know we can get bigger features in patches. Now if you take a look back at The Sims 2, before the big fire that caused the developers to recreate everything from scratch weather was supposed to come with the base game but because of this was put out in a Expansion pack instead.

The Sims 4, does a lot of the same things as The Sims 2, something I hear Simmers talking about all the time. So, as The Sims 4 is basicly The Sims 2 with better graphics and The Sims 2 was supposed to ship with weather, it leads me to believe that on Monday we could quite possibly see a patch for weather. What do you think? Leave a comment down below.