The Sims 5 – What I want to See!


The Sims 4 has already been confirmed for at least another three years of content, that said there have been several YouTube videos made about what people would like to see from a Sims 5. I thought I would give my thoughts about it.

  1. Flowing Hair. This is something that The Sims 2 had and it’s something a lot of other newer games support, I feel like it would make the Sims more alive and make machinima’s more realistic.
  2. Current art style, but more polygons. I love how The Sims 4 looks, that said I would love things to have a higher polygon count. Remove some of the sharp edges from Sims and objects.
  3. Weather in base game. Okay, it’s 2019 we need Weather in the base game, if it can’t be in the game at launch, weather as a free update would be ideal. Also an option to fetch the weather currently around you and have it in game.
  4. More interactions. I get so tired of seeing the same interactions while Sims are talking. It would be nice to have a few options to play instead of the same one every time. Also if a Sim is say, mad and they are talking with another Sim, every interaction should have a mad face, even after the animation completes, not return to their resting face.
  5. Apartments in the base game. Have the default world not just be houses, apartments from the start would be awesome and be more realistic. Plus this would open up the option for an expansion pack to add increased functionality to apartments and even building your own.

Those are the top things I would like to see from a Sims 5. I’ll be making another post later with some of the things I don’t want to see, and it will include stuff from past games, even stuff from The Sims 4.