I am now offering FREE* website hosting for Simmers who want to start their own Sims Blog without restrictions! As long as your website abides by all United States laws you can host for FREE* with me! You can either bring your own domain name OR you can use a sub domain for Meaning your domain would be I use WordPress and my server is tuned for the best performance possible. I use a mixture of Nginx and Memcached to provide a speedy load times. If you would like to host with me, simply send an email here and I’ll get back to you with the details. Alternatively, you can send me a message on Twitter if you would prefer.

So how is my hosting differnt than others? Well I limit how many sites are on the server and never oversell. That said, I do watch for abusers. If your site is demanding too much resources, I will have to ask you to find another hosting provider, and can even name a couple depending on what would best fit your needs.

Second, I provide the Divi theme for FREE* as a bonus. This theme costs $200+ and I’m letting you have it for FREE*. As long as you continue to host with me, you will receive product updates. If you ever decide to leave my hosting or not need my managed services you can continue to use the Divi theme, just without product updates.