The Sims 4 & Reshade Issue with Win 10 – Updated!


There is a new update about this bug: HERE

If installing before August 12th 2019
If you have recently upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10, build 18362 and are having issues with The Sims 4 camera spinning super fast when you rotate it, it’s an issue with reshade. To see what build of Windows 10 your running, simply go down to the search bar next the home button, or press the Windows and S key at the same time. Search for “System Information” and near the top will be your build.

If your running this build, at this time, it’s best to either go back to an older version of Windows 10, or uninstall Reshade.

To go back to an older version of Windows, open up search, and search for Reset, and click “Reset This PC”. After clicking this option, you should see the following.

Click on “Get Started” under “Go back to the previous version of windows 10”. It will open a popup and ask why your switching, select that there is an issue with an App and click “Next”. NOTE: After the downgrade, you might have to reinstall some or all of your programs. Make a backup first!

If you do not have the above option, or just want to stay on the latest build, you can  uninstall reshade by doing the following.

Go to ReShade’s website, and download the latest version. After it’s downloaded, open it and select your Sims 4 exe like you would if you were installing, next click on DirectX 9 and click No to uninstall.

This should resolve the camera issue. I’ll provide an update here once there is a fix for the issue.


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